Kelly Jarrell


Austin, Texas

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”
Alex Haley

Kelly Jarrell Family Success, view of happy family sitting on the floor at home
Through deep listening and precise intuition, I help families tap into their own internal wisdom about wellness goals. Fully honoring their starting point, I guide families toward an action plan that fits their needs and values.
"From start to end I had a truly positive, easy, and fun experience with Kelly.  She was kind, creative, intuitive, practical, and checked with me and my son to get some feedback from us before making changes in the room. She designed this simple, beautiful, practical, organized space for my son to study/read/draw, a guest to have a nice sleeping space without feeling overwhelmed by toys, and an inviting indoor play space with select toys.  My son plays there most of the time when playing indoors; he writes and practices numbers, draws, makes art projects. I have no doubt that she can help you design a specific space in your house that works so nicely for your family. A heartfelt thank you to Kelly."
Arely S.T.A, mother of 7 year old, Austin,TX

"Kelly helped our family by evaluating and advising us on our children and parenting skills. She was the perfect professional in our home, and made us feel at ease right away. When dealing with our kids, she knew when to listen and when to engage them. She could foresee what was going to happen and was quick to step in at the right moment. She was also very well-organized and attentive - she would take notes, email us summaries, and review comments in person. We are very appreciative for all her efforts and care. The advice she gave us has helped us to self-reflect and be better parents. Since then, we have spent more quality time with our children, which has been precious and priceless."
David, father of 2 children (ages 3 and 5), Austin, TX
“In the eight years I have known Kelly, I have come to know her as a highly skilled, highly creative, upbeat, highly flexible educator who loves life and who approaches everything with the orientation, “What can I learn from this?” She is highly intuitive when working with others, whether they be children or adults, and has a gift for quickly sensing what would be the most helpful or supportive way to work with them. Even as a classroom teacher, one of her greatest strengths was working with families to troubleshoot and find practical solutions to problems at school that were rooted in family dynamics. She fully understands the subtleties of collaborative learning and knows when to lead and when to step back so that those she is working with can step up. I recommend her without reservation and would be happy to correspond with anyone who wants more details about my experience with Kelly."
John R. Snyder, Retired Montessori Educator, Person Living with ALS

“I have known Kelly Jarrell for many years and I am always impressed with her excellent people skills. She has a deep understanding of family and classroom dynamics and translates her observations of specific groups into effective action plans that help them meet their goals. Kelly also has great expertise in fostering the developmental processes of children—academically, emotionally, and socially. Children under her
guidance become more confident and better able to work with others, and they learn how they learn best, which is a key metacognitive skill. I highly recommend Kelly Jarrell!

Dr. Cynthia Herbert, Education Director, The Foundry
“Kelly is creative and inspires others to successfully reach their goals. She is a great listener and loves to learn about the interests of others. She reflects on her discoveries each day to explore how she can share these lessons learned. Kelly is bright and motivated and thrives when collaborating. Her knowledge and expertise of working with children and families is always an amazing resource.”
Michelle Nueste, AMI Elementary Guide
“Kelly is unlike any other provider or caregiver you will work with. She will work with you to precisely understand you and your family’s needs. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate. She will help you and your family develop a plan that will work for you, no matter what your lifestyle or resources are. She will support you in every way she can.”
Suzi Sosa, mother, Co-Founder & CEO of Verb
“I've observed Kelly Jarrell interact with children and families over many years.  She is a very intelligent, caring, and creative person who thinks carefully about each individual she works with in order to determine the most effective approach.  Kelly understands that everyone is unique and learns in different ways.  In her teaching and coaching, she combines elements to build a sensorial approach that helps students connect with information in meaningful ways, leading to in-depth and lasting learning.”
Sue Cozart, Parent of Kelly’s student
“Kelly Jarrell is a person with a big heart and keen ability.  I have had the pleasure of knowing her in her role as parent, guide, children's program creator and facilitator, and parent educator.  Her approach to each role was with great love, great skill and hard work.   It was apparent each child, individual and family she had worked benefited from their interaction with Kelly.  I miss seeing her daily.”
Gwen Logan, Earliest Childhood Specialist