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Austin, Texas

“The success we want our children to achieve [includes]… the ability to love and have compassion, to feel joy and spread it to others, knowing that your life serves a purpose…”

Deepak Chopra

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Children have an immense capacity to be joyful, responsible, contributing family members if their home environment is set up to cultivate such behaviors and habits. Children need guidance that provide the opportunity for them to successfully participate in the daily practices of Home Life. I can help you create everyday structures that work for your unique family needs in order for everyone to feel successful and peaceful at Home.

After a complimentary Discovery session , I offer an introductory package of 4 sessions that includes:
  • One 2-hour Introductory Observation session where I observe your daily routines in order to identify starting places for targeted work. In that time we will identify what kind of support will best help your family make the changes you desire for Successful Family Living.

  • Two 1-hour sessions of Observe, Model, & Coach. We pick strategic times of your weekly routine that need specific attention. Through a careful combination of observing and participating, we will identify specific targeted goals to develop that can shift the dynamics with which you are concerned.

  • One 1-hour session of Feedback & Next Steps. During this time I will share specific recommendations on how to approach certain kinds of behaviors as well as information on developmentally appropriate expectations. We will determine how best to work together to create desired changes in family dynamics.

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Based on the unique needs of your family, we can develop a plan that blends targeted goals with specific actions. You play an active part in shaping how we work together. Here are some examples in which we might focus our process. Our ultimate plan will be a combination of these approaches that are most relevant to your family.
Creating New Family Habits:
 This is a series of family visits where I become a part of the mix. As I learn the dynamics of your family, I identify key obstacles points that exist and opportunities for new habits to be implemented. I model and coach new action strategies that shift family dynamics.
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Creating New Parenting Strategies:
 After an initial consultation of identifying specific parenting challenges, we work together to shift “default” parent-child dynamics into productive strategies that are successful and fulfilling.
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Creating a Nurturing Environment:
 Simple changes to your Home environment can make a world of difference in how your family flows within your home and the surrounding space. Taking a close look at function, support for independence, and how your family uses each space can unveil obstacles you have overlooked. I help think through changes and facilitate reorganizing.
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Creating Collaborative Parenting:
 Working with separated/divorced parents who strive to keep a collaborative approach to parenting is important to nurturing successful children. This approach is an opportunity to clarify common values for your child, identify challenges where differences in beliefs/systems exist, and strategize on how best to collaborate in creating a continuous and nurturing stream of love for your child(ren).
Creating Clarity:
 Listening deeply to your own insight about family challenges is a way to tap into your own Internal Wisdom. I provide guidance to bring mindful living back to the forefront of Family Life. This time can provide a sounding board, accountability, and a place to generate and explore new ideas.
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When you call for a Discovery session, I can listen to what your challenges are and help you identify pathways to solutions.

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