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Austin, Texas

About Kelly Jarrell

My Vision is that every family has the tools to create a successful Family Life that promotes Joy, Well Being, and a sense of Thriving.

About Kelly Jarrell
Kelly is an educator, program developer, counselor, and family wellness coach with over 25 years of experience working with children, families, schools, and communities. Her expertise focuses on working with children, families, and schools to create nurturing environments that support whole development for members to reach their fullest potential. She specializes in social and emotional development, learning skills, children’s behavior, family dynamics, and nutrition. Kelly provides a range of services for families to create success both at home and school. She has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Social Work, and is a certified teacher through the Association of Montessori International for Elementary Education.

Kelly Jarrell playing with a group of children

My Story
“I have always had a fascination for what makes people tick.
As a little girl I loved to people watch and mimic what I saw. I had an amazingly observant eye for subtle details. As an adult, I immersed myself in helping people in many different ways. During my higher education internships I worked in diverse environments, such as: an adolescent psychiatric ward in Austin, an occupational therapy program in a psychiatric hospital in London, a group home facility for emotionally disturbed youth in Fort Worth, child protective services in Colorado, Hospice of Larimer County, and community outreach programs both in the Texas Hill Country and Foothills of Colorado. In every setting I could clearly see the many variables that shaped people’s lives, both for better and for worse.

After my son was born, I had the opportunity to serve as a Birth Assistant for 2 years with the Nurse midwives I had, attending over 40 home births. When my son turned 3, a group of parents came together to start a Montessori preschool in the Texas Hill Country. I became the Founding Director as well as the Lead Guide with my Montessori early childhood education certification. After 4 years of developing an enriching program, I moved on to help another Montessori school expand to the elementary level. In the process I received  my AMI diploma as an Elementary Guide, and served in the classroom for another 5 years.  I later developed and implemented a comprehensive summer program that focused on innovation and creativity for elementary age children.

Literally, I have experienced working with people from the beginning of life to the very end. All along my career path I have worked to enhance the quality of people’s lives through building community, educating children and families, and counseling individuals. After 25 years in these diverse fields, I now provide an integrative approach as a Family Wellness coach, promoting well being in all areas of Family Life. I help families connect to their unique pathway of Successful Living.”

All people want to feel good and live well, but can easily feel overwhelmed about what to do and where to begin. I help people find their starting place, provide guidance in mapping out strategies, and support the process of discovering underlying connections among choices, behaviors, habits, and wellbeing.


Education and Certification

WellPRO International Certified Wellness Coach
Elementary Guide, Association of Montessori International
Early Childhood Guide, North American Montessori Center
Licensed Counselor in the State of Texas (6 years)
Master of Social Work, Colorado State University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Southwestern University

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When you call for a Discovery session, I can listen to what your challenges are and help you identify pathways to solutions.

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