Kelly Jarrell


Austin, Texas

Kelly Jarrell Family Success, view of a family walking at a park
Creating Success

at Home and at School

My mission is to support families in creating habits, routines, and environments that promote success at home and school.

Success at Home

Success in School

Kelly Jarrell family success, view of happy family standing together
Kelly Jarrell family success, view of childre at school in classroom

“A Joyful Home Life that brings harmony and feels restorative happens when every member participates. Helping children learn how to contribute successfully to Family Life creates a sense of well-being for the whole family.”

“A thriving student has a strong sense of confidence in her abilities to problem solve, communicate, collaborate, and strategize. No matter the challenges, these skills persevere.”


Family Success

My Vision is that every family has the tools to create a successful Family Life that promotes Joy, Well Being, and a sense of Thriving.

Kelly Jarrell family success, view of happy family standing together
Through deep listening, astute observation, and precise intuition, I help families identify hidden factors that become obstacles in Family Life. Whether the focus is at home or school, we collectively create strategies to approach identified challenges. The whole family gains fresh perspectives and develops new tools for Success.